August 16, 2008

Middle School Drama
Part 11
"When Things Couldn't Get Worst"
OK Then Days Passed on here Daisy and i weren't talking for a while more like a month siting in science class was different this time
daisy stepped up to the plate
she wrote a note saying sorry for acting like that and being like this around this person and i
knew if i forgive and forget the past i knew it was going to happen again but i rather fight with a friend and deny the truth then tell the truth and lose a good friend tht will help me sooner on
i read the note
it said sorry ok
i dont want to lose as a friend
so i for give her
i hope nothing like this will ever happen like this again
a month passed
me and daisy were friends aagain but it wasnt long
til somthing caught up to us
here we go again
daisy Acting like she did last time
but she acting like this whenever they come around but when there gone she normal
you what im not even gonna go through with this like last time
its time for a time out on this crap
i told what she was doing and we shouldnt talk for awhile
besides my grades were slipping
i hate this
but when thing happens there no question about it
that the one person u dont want to talk is always goning to be right in front of you
Coming Soon
"Lies And Betrayals"
Part 11

June 24, 2008

Middle School Drama

part 10

"Let The Games Begin"

OK OK i know it's wrong to get revenge well not so much revenge more like a taste of there own of what they done to me so i know what makes daisy's weak point so anyway what to do what to do maybe what im doing is going to far but im not the type to sit back and let it happened to me sooo.........

School Started and we normally hang out in front of our first hour which is math but daisy gets there first like always


this is going to be very awkward to

tick tock tick tock

man when is steph getting her

(Steph is my other half ya know well were like Best Friend basically but we really never considered being BFF cause i always hung out with daisy)

so maybe steph and me can to know each other better

so we started talking more and more now

but somehow daisy was always there

so it was extremely awkward so

anyways i cracked


Daisy said "What did i do ?''


she like "she Like well come on i cant stand be mad at you cause we were best friend's

and now you even cant stand to look at me "


school ended finally

it was Thursday and man i didn't feel good

i didn't even want to walk that's how bad i felt

so i didn't go to school today took so pills for my stomach and went back to sleep

it was about 4:00

Daisy Called my cell

ughhh i dont even want to talk to her

didnt answer it



man i ....

fine i deal with now and worry bout it tomorrow

Daisy "I'm Sorry for whatever i did can u forgive me


I Said "ya know what daisy u act all dumb and act like u never done anything

and you know what you done you just wont admit it to yourself"

Daisy "what cause im hanging out with my old friends again and what you dont want me to talk to them"

Me "i Never even said that daisy you keep blowing me off and dont even act like my bff

thats ok daisy thats why me and steph are BFF your not any more"


man i was waiting to get that off my chest

so next day man same thing didnt feel good at all

i felt worst and added side affects

(trust me you dont want too know)

Weekend past i came to school Monday

steph comes up to me asking me what happened

cause daisy came up to me say

congrats your my ex BFF BFF

so i explained to her whats been going on and stuff

she was like ohhh


Cassie asked whats been going on

i said why what did daisy tell you

Cassie said nothing

she was Extremely upset

I'm like "Man i have to explain it again"

so anyways

Cassie and Steph were the first out of hundred people to ask whats been going on between daisy and i

but least steph and i are betss friends now

i thought everything would be fine from here on out



Part 11

"When Thing Couldnt Get Worst"

coming soon

June 14, 2008

Middle School Drama

Part 9

"It Only The First Of The Rest"

When Daisy and i became friends well best friends
we thought It was gonna be fun and the best time of our life's
well it was for the most part till
a fight something no one would of thought would happened to me and daisy
before i tell what happened and get into detail
let me tell you everyone knew
bout it was like wildfire
OK lets start the story .....
A month passed and everyone was getting settled in there new classes and new clicks were being made and of course everyone was labeled already
our click was probably the most known bout
and labeled the click that had the most drama in it than any other click in our school well grade anyway we didn't really look for it it just found us over and over again like
Drama throw up every time
we would thrown up on everyone could smell (Well Knew about)
but enough bout that
daisy had these friends in elementary school
that she hasn't talk to
for the whole 6Th grade year
and i didn't even know she was friends with them till like this year
but she started talking again
and I'm oh well koolies
i know she wont be talking to me like 24/7 now
cause she wants to catch up with her old friends
so I'm like OK
but like a couple of weeks later she
ignoring me and acting like a a a
well i cant say it but you know what i mean right
well I'm like OK two can play that game (i know it isn't right but you start playing a game like that with me I'm gonna play right back and I'm gonna make sure I'm gonna your little game)
so what is her weak point emotional it will make her crumble
so the only way to get back is to end our Best friend relationship
by becoming my closest friend
this is gonna work for sure.....
part 10
"Let The Games Begin"
coming soon....

June 10, 2008

Middle School Drama

Part 8

''New Year

New Friends

New Problems''

Ummm Last Was Fine 6Th grade was a breeze

everyone was friends it was easy


the school play was awesome

I Think These Year Will be Fine

-That's when i was wrong.....

It Wasn't Going to be like last year

Your gonna see What I'm Talking Bout............

Everyone was here from last year well sorta
couple of our friends are gone
They Went to a New School
like Angie,Zach,Rachael,Merissa,Abby,(Our Little Football player)
Jenna (I Missed Her the Most if i could I'll runway to Florida if i can)
But Most of Our Friends That We Will Remember the Most
Yup my AWESOMEIST FRIEND From my Elemtry School
Maybe this wont be that bad of a year as i thought it would
But Right There That When I Was Wrong.....
Best Friends Sounds Like Fun
You can tell them anything
You Have The Most Fun With Them
When me and Daisy Became Best Friends
I Thought It Was Awesome
Cause were always Laughing during Class
and we Have The Greatest times ever
First Day Crazy
Going every which way
you Dont which classs you have
really they have all our classes mixed up
but that not important
A Couple Weeks Passed
Thats When It Happened
The Fight Between Best Friends Began
When You Dont Know Who Is Your Friend
Dont Know Who To Trust
Dont Know Weither To Believe Rumors or See It Or Hear It Yourself
Don Know If You Should Let Old Lovers become your Flame in heart again
Everything Seemed fine as Long
as i didnt have a drama to deal with this year im fine
Until My Best Friend relationship
In The Hot Seat
This Is When Everyone Knew
Was The Big News Around The School
Part 9 coming soon
''Its Only The First Of The Rest''

June 04, 2008

Middle School Drama

Part 7

"Final Goodbye For Now''

Although The Year was ending and so much was going to change

Nothing really seemed to bother me at all.....

Everyone Was going to be Here Next year for 7Th Grade

Our School Play Went Really Well


It Was The Most to Do and Alot of memories

To Laugh About and to Share

I Meet Alot Cool,Funny,Weird, And

The People I Well Remember The Most

Steph Was The Coolest one Even though We Didn't get off on the right foot

Sam was Cool and Just Plain Awesome

And There Were Other People to But

(They Didn't Give me permission to Mention Them Yet)

But Everything Was Fine Between Me and Jenna


But Not So Much Merissa and I

But I'm Not Gonna Let Her Get in the way of the Great Thing that Happened This year

Well Time To End The Year

With Our Final Goodbyes For Now


Jenna Moving To Florida The One Person That I Loved and Hung Out With The Most

This Is Where One Chapter Ends In Our Life and Another Starts......

......Until Next Year .......

June 02, 2008

Middle School Drama

Part 6

"She Still Needs Fake Love"

You Know About Merissa Her Using for Some other guy the don't even like her which i don't think

she even gets it through her head but something wasn't right....


its been awhile since drama happened ya' know it just Normal for me
Things could never be quiet for it was always something going on
either she was doing that or he caught for doing this
something like that...
"I Heard That Merissa Wants to go back out with you"
did i hear wrong or something did work in her plan
ya'know maybe i should go back out with her
maybe it wont be that bad but it ....
I'll just give it a try
maybe she thought something different now
but that's when i was WRONG WRONG WRONG
I Try to be a nice guy but i got screwed
i gave her a second chance
i let her have my heart
but in the end
they will never change
Again IM SOO STupid For her Letting Have another Chance
Well The end Of The year is coming
3 More Days.....
Part 7
"Final Goodbye For Now..."
coming Soon

May 10, 2008

Middle school Drama
Part 5
"I'm Not the Only One ?"
"Did you how Merissa only using you to much someone
else jealous"
i seemed like everyone knew this
Because that's where i heard it from everyone
and it seemed like everyone knew except me
Forget it I'm gonna confront Merissa About this and see if it's true
I saw her i told is this true she said no
but i really didn't believe her
I heard the same thing again
it was like Throw up
from everyone
like the more i didn't pay any attention to it the more throw up i would get on
i had to clean this mess up
u know what I'm not even gonna deal with this I'll
just break up with her or
something like
OK i confronted her
she said nothing
and it was just like that nothing more or less
but i did find out however who she was trying YES TRYING
to get jealous and u know they still don't like her
Wait wait wait they don't Ohhhhhhh snaps.............
Part 6
"She still needs The Fake love"
Coming soon